Hide Notification Content on the Lock Screen in 2021

16 Feb, 2021 Rim Nassah No Comments

Hide Notification Content on the Lock ScreenYou can always read your important notifications like Emails, Messages, Missed Calls right from the lock screen which is a great feature but when it comes to privacy you don’t want someone to go through your important notifications in your absence. As privacy has always been the main concern of the mobile phone in any circumstances, so to overcome this concern you always have the option to hide your notification’s content on the lock screen and to access those you need to unlock your device.


You can simply enable the “Hide Content” option and protect your important content from the lock screen of your device. Even if someone gets their hands on your phone all they will see is the notification with the content being protected through this option. Android has always focused on overcoming the privacy concerns of their users and adding this feature gets the job done.


How to enable the “Hide Content” Option

  • Go to Settings and Scroll down to Lock Screen Option.
  • In the Lock, Screen options go to Notification.
  • Now Enable the “Hide Content” option.

Now your “Hide Content” option is enabled and whenever you receive any notification the content of that will be hidden and can only be seen once you unlock your device. Adding this feature just increases the trust factor of users on Android. Do so let us know if you were not aware of this option and always been concerned about hiding your important stuff from others while you are not around your phone.


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