Turn on Flash Notification in 2021

5 Feb, 2021 Rim Nassah No Comments

Turn on Flash NotificationHave you ever experienced missing your important notifications when your phone is on silent mode while you are attending some funeral, in an important meeting, or sleeping? Don’t worry now Android has always come up with some unique features for their users to make their life more optimized. These features not only give a whole new feel to the way you use your device but you can also rely on them.

Just like the Flash notification now you can never miss your important calls or messages even when your phone is on silent in some meeting or in some other scenarios. This feature will turn the camera’s flashlight on when you receive any notification on your phone either it’s on silent mode or not, it won’t bother you in any scenario by the annoying notification bell every time you receive a notification.

So, if you don’t want to be bothered by the notification bell and at the same time don’t want to miss any notification, this flash notification is your cup of tea. Without wasting any further time let’s move on to how to enable the flash notification on your mobile devices.


How to turn on your Flash Notification

  • Go to settings and scroll down to Accessibility.
  • In Accessibility go to Advanced settings.
  • Now in the notification section click the Flash notification option and turn on the Camera flash
  • This will now flash the camera light whenever you receive the notification.


Your phone must have a camera flashlight to utilize this option. Turning it on is as simple as setting your wallpaper. This feature will never let you miss your notifications anymore. Tell us down below if you were aware of this feature or not, if not? Turn on your flash notifications now and never miss your notifications anymore.

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